The current behavior seems a lot like the ‘conservative’ mode of CPUfreq, which had the same problems last I tested it. This is exactly the same behavior I observed in the Xandros OS previously and forcing the CPU speed to maximum solved the problem and made the computer more responsive. Installed it and my unknown device is gone! After a bios-upgrade the wireless-card of the Eee PC will be disabled by default, so if you have any troubles with wlan check that it is enabled in the bios. It is made by and somewhat officially supported by Asus.

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Instead, get the latest drivers directly from intel. I used this method.

This is because with KMS the xrandr syntax is a bit different [1]. Plug the EeePC into a power outlet so that it is not on battery power.

It seems to run quite sweet with full aero options working so really amazed as i would not even of considered putting Vista on this spec mc. I can’t get Ubuntu to control the CPU frequency scaling function. This module works on eee azus the other netbooks that use the celeron chip. Asus OSD is included as part of the acpi-eee package.

Other versions, such as Home Premium and Professional reportedly use less disk space, but none use less than 6gb out of the box. This thread is locked. You will need at least 20gb disk space if you are planning to use Windows 7 Ultimate.


No login screen and hibernation on asus eeepc 901 with windows 7 rc can anyone help please?

I wont be covering that process as I upgraded my SSD. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Audio output is aus with the default ALSA drivers distributed with the kernels. I’ve searched the asus website in hope of finding windows 7 drivers but have had to wing it with xp driver where possible or whatever windows automatically picks up.

No login screen and hibernation on asus eeepc with windows 7 rc – Microsoft Community

I will be grateful if you continue this in future. If you discover a configuration or software option applicable to a certain model that differs from what is described in this article, please add it, with a note about which model the suggestion pertains to. You may need to install the alsa-lib and alsa-utils packages to get full functionality.

I have also installed Windows 7 on my Eee pc Sd the 8gb one which I upgraded to 64gb. Try tweaking the other “header” settings, too, if you continue to experience problems. It can be found here.

Windows 7 on EeePC 900A

The solution to the eed has arrived from ASUS. June 23rd, 2. The current behavior seems a lot like the ‘conservative’ mode of CPUfreq, which had the same problems last I tested it.


There’s a detailed description of what each one does herebut the names are self-explanatory. But recently an official driver was released that works on the A. To record video and take photos, you may use cheese or the wxcam package. The time now is Dee figure its booting into sleep mode maybe? The xrandr utility part of Xorg can be acpl to switch into screen modes appropriate either for the EeePC’s LCD or an externally connected monitor.

If you have a SSD in your aus, you will want to disable windows defrag. Out of date Pages with broken section links. Without it, everything is fine except I get a pop up about audio driver every time I boot up, which apparently is due to incompatibility of the original ACPI driver with Windows 7.

Join Date Jan Beans Hidden! While it is reportedly possible to install a stripped down version of Windows 7 even on the 4gb SSD. Right click your C: